10 Killer chatbot features for your business

The very purpose of building and creating chatbots for business & incorporating chatbot features is to make them chatty and communicative for customers. Involved customers imply higher retention, which further means business growth.

Now let’s look at these 10 distinct chatbot features that can have an exceptional impact on your business-

1. Interactions

2. Rich messages

3. Stories

4. Conversational maturity

5. Emotionally intelligent

6. Autonomous reasoning

7. 3rd party integration

8. Conversation archives

9. Live testing

10. Robust API

If you already have a chatbot built for your website, try incorporating these chatbot features and measure the difference you get in the business. If you don’t have a chatbot yet, Engati is a no-code chatbot platform where you can first opt for a free trial and then upgrade your plan as you keep exploring and building your business.

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