A throttle to rule them — which Ebike throttle least suck?

Most reputable sellers of any e-bike kit will give you a variety of options when it comes to throttles. The six most common are:
The right hand thumb
The left thumb
Right turn
Left torsion
All right twist
Left the twist
For unsophisticated e-bike makers, this can be a daunting option. I’ve tried all of them, and in this article I’ll try to summarize my thoughts on them and suggest what I think is the best approach and why.
Standard BBS02 kit comes with right hand thumb throttle. This was very much my throttle of choice, but I never fitted it on the right side. Why would I do something so crazy instead of just buying the left thumb throttle? Let’s talk about monorail riding first.
On a monorail, my usual hand position is two right fingers on the rear brake, one left thumb on the accelerator, and all the other little pigs holding on to the handlebars. I never put an electronic brake on the rear brake because it has an incredible 2 second cut as soon as you touch it. Usually, there’s only a few milliseconds between when I hit the gas and when I hit the brake. I kept hitting both of them, almost never just with the wind. Sometimes I even broke the cardinal sin by stepping on the brake and gas at the same time, which you should never do. It puts a lot of pressure on the motor, it’s not recommended and I’m said to still do it from time to time.
My left hand only has my thumb spread out, my other four little pigs can cling to the handlebars, and my right hand has two fingers and thumb, which again means I can grip well as the bike plows through the roots at 16 miles an hour. When you cover the brake with 2 fingers and try to use the thumb throttle, it doesn’t work well. It’s too bad. Believe me, I’ve tried. All that’s left is your ring and little fingers and put that hand on the handlebars, which I don’t think is enough.
Why don’t I use the regular left thumb throttle? That’s a good question, and it’s more about personal preference. The right thumb throttle is mounted on t

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