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Your Children definitely DREAM START THINGS OFF today

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Why Robotics is perfect for younger children

So, if you’re a parent who’s worried about their child’s future, then here’s your chance to give them a skill set they can always rely on. And what’s more? If... Read More

Charan – DIYA’s Budding Animator

He credits his mentor Mr. Siva for making the animation course interesting by being the engaging facilitator that he was. His timely interventions and guidance helped a great deal in... Read More

Ranger Robot! The future of assisted tasking!

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Anika – Diya’s Little Animator

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Customised Course Plan for Rangan from DIYA

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Robotics Courses In Chennai, India | Online Robotics Classes For Kids

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Uses AI To Keep the company's High -attitude Internet Balloons Hover in place.

Ai courses online Japanese company NEC, which develops facial recognition systems, has launched one that it claims can identify people wearing masks. It hones in on parts of the face... Read More