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A Sustainable Farmland Community Polam is a large parcel of agricultural land. Its farmland community is designed to create a self-sufficient, sustainable ecosystem. PROJECT FOOTPRINT 1. Spread across 400-plus acres of land 2.200-Acre is... Read More

Lavoura Highway Pride: Project Name: Lavoura Highway Pride Price: 20000 per/sq.yard Location: NH-44, Shadnagar, Y-Junction, Bangalore Highway Google Map Pin: Introducing Lavoura Highway Pride, an exclusive high-end plotting venture nestled in the picturesque Shadnagar.... Read More

Lavoura Hill Side: Project Name: Lavoura Hill Side Price: 21000 per/sq.yard Location: Maheswaram Srisailam Highway Google Map Pin: With its picturesque body of water and captivating landscaping, Lavoura Hillside transports visitors to a realm... Read More