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To give our clients the best, highest quality care for their skin needs. Our team of professionals brings a wide spectrum of expertise and dedication to maintenance of skin care... Read More

Hair Fall and Hair Loss Treatment Hair fall in various forms has become a common complaint in today’s day and age. Diffuse hair fall is a common cause of stress and... Read More

Skin scars can be removed by various types of treatments based on the nature of scars. Tough and deeper scars could be removed by invasive techniques such as a surgery.... Read More

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Pigmentation is caused due to the accelerated production of melanin in your skin. To simplify, those dark patches on your skin, marring your self-esteem, are caused by an increased production... Read More

At AF CLINIC SKIN HAIR AND LASER , we have some of the most clinically-proven procedures for Hyperpigmentation, Melasma and sun-damaged skin. Treatments which include gentle peels, exfoliating-intensive medifacials and... Read More

Hair PRP Treatment in Hyderabad Hair PRP Treatment: PRP procedures are exemplary ways of engineering the systems of the human body to present solutions to treat problems by themselves. Androgenic Alopecia... Read More

Our Hair Transplant Experts have the best techniques in treating regular pattern baldness with our Hair Transplantation Service in Hyderabad. Our Hair transplantation is a surgery which regrows hair to diminishing... Read More

AF Clinic is the Providing many of Services those are the Hair Transplantation, PRP for hair lose, Colour Improvement, Pigmentation treatment, Laser Hair Removal, Antidandruff Treatment, Scar Treatment, Pimples Treatment... Read More

We know how important it is to choose the best when it comes to skin and hair. At AF CLINIC SKIN HAIR AND LASER , we are a team of... Read More