This machine is suitable for cleaning and desalting of various pickles, leaves and fungi. It has excellent cleaning effect on seafood, such as squid and squid. The brush roller washing machine is suitable for the cleaning of root vegetables and citrus fruits. According to the characteristics of the processed raw materials, it is made of food-grade nylon filament (the cleaning brush can be selected as hard or soft silk according to the product. ). The whole machine material is stainless steel, is corrosion-resistant, does not rust, and meets health standards.

1. The equipment have a circulating filter water tank, and the water source is recycled, which saves money for the enterprise.

2. The material of the hair roller is nylon brush filaments and imported materials. The precision brush is wear-resistant and does not fall down, which can make the cleaning products cleaner and more shiny.

3. The equipment is easy to operate. One-button operation makes the operation easier for employees

4. The cleaning rate is as high as 95% and does not damage the skin of the material. It is especially suitable for cleaning delicate fruits and vegetables, and food with many impurities and difficult to remove.