Canada Secures Top Spot in Global Travel Safety Rankings

In a late 2023 report by Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection (BHTP), Canada has claimed the title of the world's safest country for travellers in the 2023-2024 period. This impressive ascent sees Canada rising from its sixth-place standing in the previous year's rankings.

Driving Factors Behind Canada's Safety Success

The BHTP report credits Canada's top safety ranking to several factors, such as its cold climate and low population density, contributing to an environment conducive to secure travels. The picturesque landscapes, coupled with a well-developed infrastructure, make it an ideal destination for those seeking a safe and serene travel experience. Despite this achievement, the report highlights a specific concern – wildfires. The burning forests have led to reduced air quality in major Canadian cities, posing challenges for travellers, particularly those with respiratory conditions. Nevertheless, a testimonial from Gap Year Travel Store in the report emphasises that Canada remains exceptionally safe, with low violent crime and gun-related incidents.

Detailed Safety Assessment : Sub-Categories and Demographics

BHTP's safety assessment evaluates various dimensions, including safety from violent crime, terrorism. transportation, health measures, and group safety for women, travellers of colour, and LGBTQ+ travellers.
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