COVID-19 | CEO’s Message PLC began with a mandate to deliver quality

PLC began with a mandate to deliver quality, innovative, creative and practical education for a changing Canadian workplace. We have been up for a challenge from the get-go, and have changed the career education landscape in Canada.

With COVID-19, we were faced with another new challenge. I am proud to say that we were able to migrate within 48 hours to fully online learning thanks to the tireless cooperation of staff, faculty and of course, students.

As we head forward with BC being largely vaccinated, PLC is working closely with our Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills and Training as well as our provincial health authorities to make the campus and safer and maintain a level of quality in everything we do.

I ask you as students, staff and visitors to PLC to come together in this challenge to continue to prevent COVID-19. We can get through this as a community through unity.