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Sonalika tractors are available with horsepower ranging from 20 to 90. (Horsepower). These tractors come in a variety of styles and characteristics. Mini and fully organised tractor types are available from Sonalika.
There are around 50 tractor types available from Sonalika Tractors. A large variety of tractor models are available to farmers. Sonalika Tractors was the first company in India to produce and sell electric tractors. Sikander, Mahabali, DLX, Tiger, Mileage Master, and Baagban are just a few of the tractor series available.
The Sikander tractor series has powerful engines and unique technologies. The Sikander series of tractors range in horsepower from 35 to 60 horsepower and are priced between Rs. 5 and Rs. 9 lakhs. Sonalika DI 750 III RX SIKANDER, Sonalika 35 RX Sikander, and Sonalika 42 RX Sikander are popular Sikander tractor models.

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