Best Retirement community, Best Senior citizen, Best old age, Coimbatore

We at PREETHAM love this old age. We respect this part of the life and feel respect this part of the life and feel greatly privileged to serve all those who go through this process of life. At PREETHAM the mark of old age is held high, you are a free bird, with independence to your life, the way you wish to spend the rest of your life and to ensure that rest of the days are the best dreams of you early days of childhood.

The main complex of PREETHAM is not merely a structure made of bricks, cement and mortar, but a structure built on the strong foundation of love and care from which was born the beautiful world of SHARANALAYAM. Now this is just another part of Sharanalayam. It is a Best Senior Citizens home where the people can relish the rest of their age in comfort and convenience.

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