Mono Propylene Glycol (MPG Food Grade)

Propylene Glycol Food Grade is an effective solvent for food coloring and is also affordable and non-volatile. Besides, propylene glycol e1520 possesses emulsifying and moisturizing properties that are commonly utilized in the production of bread and cakes. By reducing manufacturing time through its emulsifying properties, propylene glycol in food helps to streamline the bread-making process. Adding mpg mono propylene glycol to bread can help to keep it moist and fresh for longer. This versatile ingredient also has sterilizing properties, which make propylene glycol food additive ideal for use as a preservative in a wide variety of food products, including canned fruits, jams, pickled items, ham & sausages.
EEC NO. E1520
CAS NO. 57-55-6
CODE: Mono Propylene Glycol (MPG Food grade)
Color: water-white
Appearance: sticky-thick hydrophilic liquid