Mono Propylene Glycol (MPG USP Grade)

Mono Propylene Glycol (MPG USP Grade)
Propylene Glycol USP Grade is used as the carrier of medicine and agent for particle medicine. USP propylene glycol is also used as a humectant to prevent moisture loss in certain pharmaceutical formulations. Monopropylene glycol usp also can be used as a tobacco flavor, lubricated solvent, and preservative. As the raw material of non-saturated alkyd resin, plasticizer, dehydration, surface active agent, solidification agent, and cohesive agent. MPG USP is also used in the paint industry, pesticide industry dope industry, etc. It is commonly used as a solvent for drugs and other pharmaceutical compounds, as it has excellent solvent properties and is able to dissolve a wide range of substances. Usp propylene glycol is also a commonly used solvent for herbal extracts and essential oils.
EEC NO. E1520
CAS NO. 57-55-6
CODE: Mono Propylene Glycol(MPG USP grade )
Color: water-white
Appearance: sticky-thick hydrophilic liquid