Network vs. Partnership – Why marketing network models should matter to global B2B marketers

If you’re a corporate marketer whose job is to get a B2B marketing message in front of a global audience, is the structure of your agency’s network really of importance when you’ve got so many other considerations when appointing a creative partner?
After all, there are a diverse array of models (we’ve counted 20), and even if you are just considering the two largest categories: holding company networks and partnerships, how much of a difference can it make?
On the surface, the holding company model seems like a good deal for clients – a central point of contact, offices in numerous markets, and promises of a huge suite of skills at their fingertips. The holding companies certainly get a lot of press, especially when a global brand with a multi million-dollar marketing budget announces an account review, sending global new business teams into an all-hands-on-deck pitching frenzy.
So, why have we at BBN International spent the best part of the last decade investing in our partnership of independently owned B2B agencies which now extends to 70 offices in 30 countries? It’s all about local market knowledge with a global footprint.

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