NGO Registration Process in India

The following is the process for NGO Registration in India:

1: Type Determination: Choose the suitable NGO structure – Trust, Society, or Section 8 Company – based on your organization’s objectives.

2: Name Selection: Choose a unique name reflecting your mission.

3: Drafting MoA and AoA: Prepare the Memorandum and Articles of Association.

4: Governing Body Formation: Establish a governing body or managing committee.

5: Registered Office Designation: Provide an official address for communication.

6: Documentation Preparation: Gather required identity proofs, address proofs, and photographs.

7: Registration Application Submission: Submit the application to the relevant authority – Registrar of Trusts, Registrar of Societies, or Registrar of Companies.

8: Review and Approval: Await review, with possible clarification requests.

9: Registration Certificate Obtention: Upon approval, obtain the registration certificate.

10: Tax Exemption Application: Apply for tax exemptions under relevant sections.

11: Compliance and Reporting: Adhere to statutory requirements, including accounts maintenance, annual returns filing, and audited financial statements submission.