Non-Opioids Chronic Pain Management Drugs and Devices: Future Roadmap to USD 10 Billion+ Opportunity

Owing to the rapid onset of their medicinal effect, which offers immediate relief with high efficacy, opioids are still considered to be one of the most widely used pharmacological interventions for the management of moderate to severe forms of pain. However, these drugs are known to induce a euphoric state upon intake, often causing patients to abuse them; increased recreational use of opioids has also been shown to lead to drug addiction. In a recent article, published in 2017, 11.5 million individuals were reported to have been caught misusing prescription opioids, while over 42,000 died from opioid overdose, in the US alone. The opioid crisis has prompted drug manufacturers to develop non-addictive, non-narcotic-based therapeutics / analgesics for the management of pain.

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