Occupational Health And Safety Software In France | OHS Software

France is not only about the Eiffel Tower and fashion industry but is recognized as an ideal hub for diverse industrial domains such as energy, transport, technology, nuclear power, and construction. No wonder, OSHA keeps a keen tab on the regulation and implementation of Occupational Health and Safety. The adoption of globalization has opened doors for several leading software providers like Occucare to launch their top-trending products in the La France. The government of France has just amended the Occupational health act (“Loi santé au travail”) will become statutory in 2023 or 2024 and included strengthening of protection measures, modification of reporting procedures and several other areas. OccuCare analyses the country’s policies and regulations and provides a customized Occupational health and safety system. Improve the health and safety standards with a technology-driven approach and get fruitful insights such that you can take remarkable actions to make a difference. Ensure the safety of employees with easy user-interface safety modules of Occucare. Avail of the mobile application and don’t let physical locations hinder you to take necessary actions for your employee’s safety.