Real Time Data Streaming Tools – Real Time Data Warehousing Services

Lera Technologies: EficazRT core banking software provides an automatic ETL platform with real time data warehousing tools to capture information changes in real time for quicker decision-making and accelerated business growth.

Your Launchpad to Digital Next
Compress the time to transform data and achieve Real-Time Streaming with a cutting-edge Data Extraction, Transformation and Loading (ETL) suite.

EficazRT Features
EficazRT is an end-to-end real-time data streaming solution that equips businesses with a 360° real-time view and delivers on its promise of immediately applicable insights. EficazRT can power data-driven decision-making in a fraction of time, crucial in time-bound activities like product innovation, risk management, fraud management and more. EficazRT enables platforms to leverage Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Advanced Analytics to capture real-time data and derive actionable insights. Capturing essential trends, monitoring business progress and providing value in real time is actualized with EficazRT.

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