refractory anchors manufacturer

Refractory Anchors Manufacturer
Well is a leading manufacturer of refractory anchors and high quality products are our top priority. There are several types of refractory anchors available.

Anchor design is critical when designing industrial refractory lining applications. Substandard refractory anchors can lead to liner failure, which can negatively impact production and jeopardize the safety of critical personnel. We specialize in the rapid design, manufacture, and delivery of heat-resistant refractory and refractory materials. Cast anchor systems made from trusted, domestically sourced materials for customers with demanding high-temperature applications.

Benefits of Refractory Anchors
Industrial furnaces, kilns, reactors, ovens and vessels utilize extreme temperatures to cause chemical reactions or physical changes in the workpiece. In most cases, these anomalies immediately damage the outer shell of the application. For this reason, materials that are resistant to heat, pressure and chemical degradation are used as protective barriers. Often referred to as refractory, refractory materials or refractory linings, they offer a range of benefits.

Extended application life

Enhance application performance

Prevent corrosion

Provide thermal insulation

Withstand physical stresses and prevent vessel walls from being damaged by

Act as a thermal barrier between the hot medium and the vessel wall

To optimize refractory lining performance, anchoring systems are used to fix refractory castables, boards, pressed plastics, fiber insulation and ceramic fiber modules to the furnace or kiln shell. They are made of heat-resistant stainless steel and nickel alloys and serve a variety of purposes.