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Fogging Machine | Agriculture equipment

Fogging machine is also called as fogger. is used to emit smoke or spray chemicals in a very fine drops to eliminate insect, flies etc. it can be used in... Read More

Manual sprayers manufacturer in India

Manual sprayer KK-16 L is a lightweight, easy-to-operate sprayer Ideal for spraying insecticides, pesticides, fungicides, herbicides to protect the crop from pest attack. It has various applications and are used... Read More

Manual sprayer manufacturer in India

A manual sprayer is an agricultural spraying tool used to spray chemicals on bugs and other poisonous substances to protect crops from pests. KisanKraft manual sprayers come with corrosion-resistant plastic... Read More

Knapsack Power Sprayer | Agriculture equipment

Knapsack Power sprayer is precisely planned and exactness designed for their higher usefulness and strong work life. Knapsack Power Sprayer by KisanKraft is a splashing gadget which is generally utilized... Read More

Knapsack Power Sprayers | Agriculture equipment

A knapsack Power sprayer is a spraying device fitted to a pressurized reservoir carried on the user’s back. They are used to apply fertilizers, herbicides, and fungicides. In addition, it... Read More

Baffle reaper Manufacturer in India

Baffle reapers are also called brush cutters. They are multipurpose tools used to harvest crops such as paddy, wheat, etc., and trim crops such as mulberry, grass in nurseries, etc.... Read More

Paddy Weeder | Agriculture equipment

Paddy weeder is an agriculture equipment used to remove unwanted weeds or roots from the paddy field.KisanKraft Paddy weeder is an attachment for agricultural reapers. They are fitted with a... Read More

Manual sprayers for sale in India

Manual sprayers are an Ideal to splash insect sprays, pesticides, fungicides, herbicides. Infield territories to shield the harvest from bug assault. It has different applications and is generally utilized in... Read More

Paddy weeder manufacturer in India

Paddy weeder is utilized as an attachmemt for gatherer. It is a farm tool used for weeding out undesirable roots or weeds from the paddy field effectively without influencing the... Read More

paddy transplanter manufacturer and supplier in Bangalore

paddy transplanter is an machine which is used for transplanting rice seedlings at a specified depth and space. Paddy Transplanters comes in two variants, which are manually operated and power... Read More