The Golden Treasure | Author Amrute Sahoo Books Online

The book has the power to sail through the readers and anybody who starts reading wants to complete the book. It reveal the secretes teachings that given us a body of insights that have a universal power and this universality derives from the divine intelligence. The sages who discovered them had depersonalized themselves in the search for truth. They wanted to go beyond nature and realize the transcendental nature of human being. They dared to take up this challenge and “The Golden Treasure” for life teachings are the unique record of the methods they adopted, the struggles they undertook and the victory they achieved in this astonishing adventure of the human spirit. This learning and practice in the book builds on new discoveries about the effects of the physical, social, emotional, and intellectual environment on human brain and the support needed to enhance positive and development mindsets with discipline habits and sense of ownership at any ages of life. It is designed to help learn about themselves and others, develop healthy habits, explore roles and responsibilities and practice and building true sense of perception, positive behaviors building, creative will development, physical exercise and yogic Kriyas important for internal organ strengthening and learning healing models, disengage mind from limiting beliefs, tapping and receiving the cosmic energy from the universe and channeling for Wellness, Prosperity and Materializations needed in aspects and every day in life… MANY MORE

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